Choosing a River Outfitter

Choosing an outfitter for your trip has never been easier.  With the internet, you can check out all of our fine member outfitters and find the company that’s just right for you or your group.


All of our outfitters have spent many years providing a wide range of adventure experiences for guests visiting the New and Gauley Rivers. When you choose an outfitter who is a member of our association, you can rest easy in the knowledge that those years of experience will lead to an outstanding river trip.


Whitewater rafting is an outdoor adventure experience, and as such has inherent risks and dangers. While those risks cannot be totally eliminated, our outfitters work hard to minimize the risk to our guests through a comprehensive plan that includes good equipment, good training, and good policies and procedures on the river. All of our member outfitters meet the requirements set forth by the state of West Virginia to operate commercial whitewater trips. If you would like to explore the issue of safety as it relates to any individual outfitter, just ask their staff regarding the following:

  • Company Safety Policies
  • Guide Training (Rapid Running, CPR and First Aid)
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures (Contingency plans)
  • Accessibility of Communication Devices on the River (Two-Way Radios, Other)

There are things you can do to enhance your safety on the river as well by taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Be in shape for the trip. Be aware of the physical demands of the section of river that you choose to run and make sure that all of the members of your group are up to the challenge
  • Do not consume alcohol and drugs prior to your trip. (It is illegal and you will not be permitted to go on the river if the outfitter feels that your judgement or ability is impaired)
  • Make your Trip Leader and your guide aware of any medical conditions you may have (pregnancy, heart or respiratory related conditions, asthma, allergies: bee stings, food, etc.)  It is your responsibility under the West Virginia Whitewater Responsibility ACT to provide this information. If you are on medication that is necessary, bring that medication with you and your guide will keep it in a sfae place and provide the opportunity for you to take it at the required time.

Trips & Packages

The New and Gauley Rivers offer a variety of adventure options from overnight floats to fishing excursions to extreme whitewater trips, so make sure to get a good fit by researching all the available options. Ask yourself some questions in the process:

  • Are you staying for one day or many?
  • What kind of experience do you want – a white-knuckle ride, scenery and nature, a fun adventure with friends?
  • Do you want to be pampered or be an active participant?
  • What are your priorities?

Then find out some things from the outfitter:

  • What lodging and food options do they offer?
  • Are there other activities offered for combination trips?
  • When is the optimal time to go?
  • Are there alternative river craft options (smaller boats, duckies, etc)?
  • What are you expected to do on the trip?
  • What are the minimum age requirements?
  • What about accommodating physical disabilities?

Do your homework. You’ll feel more confident going in and more relaxed while on vacation if you know what to expect. And hey – that’s what vacation is all about, isn’t it?


There is a wide array of choices in outfitters when it comes to facilities ranging from basic outposts to elaborate adventure centers. Decide what kind of experience you want.

  • Are you looking for a trip with all the amenities from gourmet restaurants to pristine bath houses?
  • Or would you prefer to rough it with a pig roast, outdoor camping and a shower room?
  • Is there entertainment in the evenings?
  • What about a store for last-minute items?

You could be spending a lot of time in one place so make sure to have the things that will make you comfortable during your stay.

West Virginia is blessed with some of the finest outfitters in the world on some of the best resources in the world, the New and Gauley. Each outfitter has its own unique style and personality. No matter which company you choose for your next whitewater vacation, just make sure you are prepared for the time of your life.

West Virginia is Wild and Wonderful and Worth the Trip!

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