Gauley Season 2012

FAYETTEVILLE, WV – West Virginia is Wild, Wet and Wonderful! Above average rainfall in the Gauley River watershed has local outfitters and area businesses gearing up. Every year there is great anticipation among whitewater fanatics for the weekend after Labor Day.  The fall drawdown of Summersville Lake unleashes The Beast of the East – The Gauley River.

It looks like we have dodged the drought that is plaguing most of the United States this summer. US Army Corp of Engineers Chief, Tim Curran consulted the Drought Monitor and it showed West Virginia and the New and Gauley River drainage area as predominantly in the normal range.  He added, “Speaking in a hydrological fashion, within the normal variation of year to year, this will be a normal Gauley River whitewater season”.

This is great news for thousands of whitewater enthusiasts from all around the world that plan annual visits to the Gauley River in southern West Virginia. The US Army Corps of Engineers scheduled is out for this years twenty one day Gauley Season and they expect to release a minimum of 2,800 (cfs) during all five of the scheduled four day weekends. Have a safe and enjoyable time on the river!

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